So a little bit of background, at the end of this august I got high pitched tinnitus, ENT gave me some sterroid and now the ringing is high pitched and quiet and I don't really hear it unless I think about it or I lay in bed where it's quiet. But I got visual snow at the beginning of this december (I think I might have had it all my life but it just got worse because I can remember seeing stuff like it in the dark or with my eyes closed, but never saw it with my eyes open). I've gotten used to both tinnitus and VS now, so neither really affect me, but I still want to know whats causing it in case something is seriously wrong with me. I went to the ENT, they gave me a allergy test because my sininus's were screwed up, and I also had a sinus infection, I got antibiotics and now thats gone, but they took a MRI and CT scan of my sinus's/brain because my nose has some sort of mis-shapen aspect to it. And on my brain scan they said I had a buildup of cerebral spinal fluid which abnormal. A quick google search told me its called Hydrocephalus. Im going to see a neurologist soon to see if thats the issue and I'm hopeful that I will make a full recovery back to my old self because everything i've read so far says that if you get it fixed before 6 months-ish after you had symptoms you will be fine.