My story

 4 yeras ago at a techno festival I took some coke and 2 XTC pills. After the second one, i suddenly felt very strange. The week after, i had the derealisation and after that the visual snow kicked in. I was working for a whole year as a financial analyst, and every day i felt a little bit worse. I now suffered from tintitus, tinteling senastions in my leg and feet, headaches, derealisation, visual snow, acid reflux,..

What has helped?

After that year i decide to go and live in Australia for one year. After two months of being there, I already felt a lot better: the tinitus and everything were gone, even the VS was slighty better. I think this is due to the mix of being happy, having no stress and good weahter. VS is a nervous system related syndrome, and nervous system and climate are defenitly linked. Also offcourse stress, this I had to learn the hard way:When i came back, I felt so confidend that i even started a specialization year to teach in college. Offcourse this lead to too much stress and everything came back with a vengeance. this time I didnt wait untill i was at rock bottom. I stopped the course immediatly and started working in construction and gruadually i got better again. To make sure, i went on a 2 month trip to South America .

So to sum up: no stress, good weahter, generaly doing things that make you happy. I didnt cure the VS but did help, especially with the derealisation, wich i think is worse than the VS. 
And never forget: it is not because there isnt a cure today, that there wont be a cure in 5 or 10 years.