I am 19 years old. I have been suffering from "Visual Snow" since I know myself. 3 years ago, I realized that this is not a normal thing. Then I went to hospital, unfortunately they could not exactly understand what I am talking about. They checked my eyes, there were no problem. A professor neurologists said that MR is not necessary for me because it seems to be a none dangerous thing. I want to mention that I have had Tinnitus since I am 8 years old. My tinnitus became louder since then; however, they found no problem about my hearing abilities too.

Yesterday, I was searching on Internet and trying to describe how I am seeing. Then I saw there are many people like me and call it VISUAL SNOW!! I can't explain you how much I was happy! Still it makes me very happy that I am not the only one. Because doctors do not know about us! I felt like I was an alien-brained person while I was trying to explain my problem to neurologists. They could not know what it is. Maybe they thought it was an unreal thing or something psychological? Doctors... They can say it when they can not understand the problem of a patient. I heard it from many people when I read it from their visual snow blogs: "Oo yes, this must be something psychological. You should go to a psychologist." But now I have proof, all of you!

How can I explain? My vision is like a TV which is out of order. Millions of transparent tiny things are moving too fast to all directions 24/7. I don't see them as dots exactly, they are interestingly different. They are more visible when the room is getting darker. When I look at a fabric which has straight lines or chequered design, it sometimes looks as if there is a movement on fabric going up or down.
I can see and hear very well. But this situation sometimes makes me irritated when I pay my all attention to it. In normal life, I don't realize and think about visual snow because I have been living with it since I remember my early childhood, visual snow did not come out afterward. If it had appeared after, I would not have recognized it as a normal thing until now.

Moreover, when I look into brighteness or blue sky, there are transparent small things which appears and disappears suddenly. It is like melting while it is disappearing. They seem different from visual snow, I can see their shape. They look like circular 'amoeba' that I saw in my Biology book. And I rarely see tiny stars, or flash lights.

I want to mention that I had 'afebrile convulsion' ,which is more dangerous than febril convulsion, once when I was 2 or 3 years old. I can remember I was sitting alone in the room and suddenly I began to shake and could not call my mother until she came and took me to hospital. Somehow I am not epileptic. Maybe I have visual snow and tinninus because of this afebrile convulsion? I try to find explanations because doctor don't say anything.

Yes, I wrote many things because you all became very close to me even if we don't know each other.

I hope one day doctors will know about us and recognize our visual snow as a medical situation.