I have experienced silent ocular migraines for probably 8 years approximately 2 or 3 a month along with a variety of other visual syptoms including:

- Loads of floater, after images etc
- Flashing lights while moving eyes side to side
- Flashing lights in time with my pulse (sometimes)
- Visual crowding while reading text (causes the text outside my peripheral vision to become distorted slightly)
- Dark spot which appears when blinking (sometimes)

No major visual snow apart from in the dark.

But this new symtoms is irrating and wondering if anyone else has experienced it. Generally while relaxing a dark straight line will appear in my peripheral vision. When I try and look at it generally it goes away in a similar fashion to a floater but it is not a floater as just looks different. (much darker and dead straight)

Apreciate any opinions\advice.