To all folks who understand german: I find this to be very interesting and informatory, especially for those who have VS linked with anxiety problems, problems in concentration, memory, ear noises etc.
The woman who writes this blog had the same symptoms caused by burnout and depression. she visited lots of doctors who didn't help her, made false diagnosises and worsened her condition. A lot of what is written here reminds me of opinios that link VS to GABA and other neurotransmitter problems and unhealthy eating and general way of life. She writes about the food to because glutamate is used a lot in fast food and caused brain problems for her. She found relief and cure of her depression after years and just before suicide after doctors measured her neurotransmitters and ratio and found out what was really wrong. I am definitely going to get this measurement and am going to keep you up to date. write me if you are interested in the results.
Is anyone here who had their NTs measured?

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