At the outset, I would like to say that I don't know what-caused-what because the VS and neck problems started simultaneously.  I was having a lot of neck pain and my muscles were extremely sore and tight.  While running on the treadmill one day (about two months later), I realized a shooting pain going through my arms.  After having MRIs and other tests performed, it became apparent that I had a pinched nerve in my C6 region along with mild herniation's and bulging discs.  Since then, I've had cervical blocks performed (the injection of anti-inflammatory steroids at the site of and surrounding the pinched nerve).  This has helped a lot with the neck pain, shoulder pain, shooting pain, and spasms.  However, it has not changed the VS at all.  I thought I'd post this because of the correlation between neck pain and VS.

Visual Snow; Trails; Halo Vision; Starburst; Flashing in Peripheral; Tinnitus; Neck/Jaw Pain