We are on this forum because we share something in common: Visual Snow. 

Skype interviews have been done by dr Schankin and dr Goadsby. see link:  http://www.clinicalpsychi...5b7b8b44d9c9619b255.html  

They are now in Phase 2 of the study. We need more money to finished this phase because of traveling expense etc .  

If you find visual snow, after images, trails , blue field, tinnitus , migraine  etc annoying and you want to do something that helps YOU please donate to the:  http://www.eyeonvision.org/ 

And maybe later in life we can all join : www. thosewhitoutvisualsnow.yuku.com and talk about more lighthearted subjects like why Nicki Minaj is famous.

Ben.  www.visualsnow.nl