1. Name or screen name (optional):

2. Email (optional):

3. Location (optional):

4. Age: 31

5. Sex:F

6. Nationality and Race (optional): Caucasian

7. Do you have classic migraine (migraine with aura) or common migraine (migraine without aura)? When did it begin? I don't know

8. What do you take for your classic or common migraine and does it help?

9. Have you been diagnosed with persistent aura (prolonged migraine aura status)? No

10. What is your visual problem and how long does it last? Visual static comes and goes
Blue Entopic phenomena - annoying always see it in bright light or white backgrounds or the gray/blue sky

11. Any other problems that you think might be related? worse with periods of anxiety

12. What do you take or do for your vision problem and does it help? Paxil did not help when prescribed

13. Have you found a trigger for your vision problem? Yes.. anxiety and SAD

14. What tests have you had and the results? Neuro exam/eye exam with Opthamoligist - No findings

15. Drug history (pre VS) xanax, slight marijuana use in HS

16. Drug history (post VS - effect on VS - negative, positive, not at all) Alcohol seems to worsen snow

17. Other information you want to provide? Begun in december of '04. Anxiety/Panic attacks surfaced at same time..along with hypoglycemic episodes.. a week before first recognizing visual snow I had mixed xanax with alcohol whether that has anything to do with anything I don't know... I do however remember visual snow as a very young child at night while laying in bed in my dark room. Before the onset of recognizing snow and blue entopic phenomena I did not recall any other time seeing it other than when I was a young child. It is so much better this summer/fall. I don't recall noticing when it became better it was gradual. I still see snow slightly but not as heavy or as fast flickering.. blue entopic phenomena I notice always but I believe that is because my eyes focus on it easy since I have focused on it so much trying to figure out what it was I was seeing before. The visual snow image on the homepage matches what I saw almost perfectly when it was at its worse. Hope any info I gave could help with your study. Visual snow is the worst with low light.