Hello people, I have been reading this board for a month or so now and thought it would be somewhat rude not to join.

My VS story doesnt seem that much different than anyone else on here really. Depression/anxiety for about 4 months (possibly triggered by smoking marijuana, and most certainly a factor), which all seemed to come to a head one day, when i just basically collapsed in my head. As far as I can tell the VS started on this day, altho I can remember being lightheaded and dizzy for a few months before.

Fortunately my mental state has improved dramatically, without medication or any help, which shocks me to be honest as I really was in a mess. However the VS stays. The way I see it is almost as some form of scarring after all the @#%$ I was dealing with during my depression/anxiety. I do not have any floaters, and my symptoms really do seem rather mild compared to some people on here. I notice VS when in dark places and looking at white walls or the sky, otherwise I can't really see it, although I am aware of it being around. I also have mild tinnitus, and the link with this and VS seems really interesting, perhaps a solution lies within?

I am 18 and from the UK by the way.