Hi guys,

I'm a newer member, but I recalled reading about the story of Scoe99, another poster here who suffered from VS, afterimages, etc. and who was helped by Klonopin. I contacted him to see how he was doing with his treatment and he asked me to post the follwing reply on the board. So here it is:


My visual symptoms have lessened, but remain present. I go through most of each day without thinking about or noticing the visual snow. The following symptoms have ceased: headaches, pulsating multicolored snow, and feelings of depersonalization. The following symptoms have lessened by about 75%-90%: afterimages, supermarket phenomenom (florescent lights causing 2 dimensional perceptions thus confusion), snow intensity (still present but very faint), color bursts/tracers, and reading has become less blurred (dont notice the snow between words/sentences). Current maintenance medications include: Klonopin 1.5mgs bedtime, Depakote 500mgs bedtime, Effexor 150mgs bedtime, Concerta 36mgs morning, Coenzyme Q10 100mgs bedtime, Calcium 100% daily value bedtime, Multivitamin bedtime, Vitamin E 400 50% daily value bedtime, and Omega 3 complex bedtime.

If you or anyone else has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.


Perhaps his story helps bring some hope for relief to those of us who suffer from the VS and afterimages. I know his story has given me some hope for relief at least. Anyway, take care guys.