I have not been on the board in a while as I've been out of the country for the past several weeks.

Just wanted to let folks know that I am trying (that's the operative word) to organize a webinar with Dr. Abraham who is the leading expert on HPPD. I'll see how far I can get, but Dr. Abraham seems very open to having such a forum in a well moderated format. He's on the East cost of the US so we'd have to synch up with his schedule. I wanted to get a sense if people would be interested in such a webcam-based chat session and if so what days would be ideal.

Just to set expectations, I don't think we'd have any major medical breakthroughs in such a session; but I think it would go far in generating awareness and getting people in the medical community thinking about our problem. In addition, I am open to having folks invite their doctors to observe (although I doubt we'll get many takers on that).

Also, I've put forward the following theory for the Doctor to think about. If there are other high-level theories that may be useful to put forward for discussion in advance, please let me know.

The theory I've bantered around with the doctor is based on input from various folks on the board and it goes something like this:

Stress (or other insult including autoimmune activity) ->
Central Nervous System Hyperexcitability (altered neuro-chemical behavior)->
Vasoconstriction (or direct vasculitis from autoimmune conditions)->
Occular Symptoms->
Possible Neural Apoptosis and Increased Glutamate Activity->
Increased Hyperexcitability->
Increased Vasocontriction -> [CYCLE BACK TO TOP]