Snow at Target

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09 Feb 2006, 23:29 #1

Ever since my snow started I have noticed how odd things look at stores like Target. I know it's the florescent lights but I get under those other places and yet it seem worse there. Things look odd and not quite real to me and the vibration effect is greater. Anyone notice this effect?

George OP

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09 Feb 2006, 23:59 #2

Target has the worst lighting! It does not bother me now but has in the past. I actually overheard a guy telling someone at their service desk that it triggers migraines for him- you are definitely not alone.


10 Feb 2006, 03:11 #3


I know exactly what you're talking about George, and the effect is definitely stronger in Target than in other stores with fluorescent lighting.



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11 Feb 2006, 18:48 #4

I am in the UK so we do not have TARget, but I do notice things looking weird in stores as well. I would like a better description, what do you mean by weird? To me it seems that the colours have faded and everything looks funny. Even more faded than with other types of lights. Please note, however, that my colours have faded in every condition!Image