New News?

Publications on Visual Snow/Static/Persistent Migraine Aura and associated phenomena.
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16 Oct 2012, 05:01 #1

Any new news about research and if they have found anything new?

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19 Oct 2012, 00:12 #2

You could try reading some of the archives instead of making relevant info drop from sight by posting drek like this.

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25 Oct 2012, 16:14 #3

Kmatic. yes to be honest. Please join our new visual snow facebook to hear more. Dr Schankin just needs 3 more patients for this phase of his research. Prof Ferrari from the LUMC will be conducting research in the netherlands and knows about Dr Schankin. James T Fulton , who researched visual snow years ago is willing to help Dr Schankin anyway he can. This is very short the best place to keep track of it all is the visual snow facebook:!/groups/229020277110681/

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Has anyone looked at research into domestic pesticide damage to the vision and neurological disorders? I found a ref to "twinkling eyes" on one site but cannot find it again!! We are all exposed to pesticides to some degree but having pets can lead to more frequent applications.  Look forward to replies!